Dawn has Broken


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Dawn Has Broken (2017) The English translation of  Die Son Kom Op. Excluding postage.



Dawn Has Broken (2017)


This story deals with the challenges, rejection, and victimization, that people with different values than we do, have to face, especially when it comes to alternate sexual orientation. We send people to eternal damnation as a result of stereotyping, and a number of other issues without having investigated our own attitude towards the latter. We still choose prejudice, hate, rejection, intolerance and wanting to correct our fellow human beings. We tend to accept any word spoken as if from God blindly, without taking the trouble to familiarize ourselves firsthand with the facts. We declare misrepresentations without considering the consequences of our acts thoroughly, although from Genesis the word of God is clear about love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. This book revolves around same-sex sexual orientation. It portrays spiritual lessons in a practical way and is further emphasized with fictitious but realistic examples. The emotional side of a person’s challenges and concerns are comprehensively addressed and discussed in such a way, that the reader with an open mind and empathy can identify with. In various aspects shared challenges of life, as well as the uniqueness and vulnerability of the human being, are portrayed. This book offers to be a life-changing opportunity, for as long as the reader approaches it without a preconceived, critical spirit, and read the whole story until the very end. The love and greatness of God are communicated to the reader in an encouraging manner.
The true All-father, the Creator of the Universe, the great I AM is not only misrepresented, but people are even deprived of the true God, and many people even tend to work as the prosecutor on His behalf. This is the cause that the pioneering work of the blood of martyrs throughout centuries, is eroded and devoid of any truth. Greed and a craving for more of that which perishes, instead of that of the everlasting only confirms the self-interest of human beings. No other commandment as the last commandment of Christ, to make disciples, preaching love and hope through the gospel of Christ, was given by Him. The English translation of  Die Son Kom Op. Excluding postage.

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